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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

bad news

the fishtons are dead.

the fish tank gadget broke and whoever created the gadget didn't fix it. so now it just shows up as an error.

Blogger recommends I remove the gadget, but Blogger just doesn't understand. I need time to grieve.

is there a virtual toilet gadget I can flush my virtual fish down?? :(

the bug is gone

I was in the gym yesterday and there was a really big bug (horsefly I think maybe???) and I was going to kill it because it kept buzzing around my feet but I didn't want anyone to see me kill it (I don't know why I didn't want anyone to see me kill it, probably guilt or something) so I waited for a while and it kept buzzing near my feet. Finally, there was a point where no one was talking to or looking at me so I looked down to step on the bug but it had disappeared. And me being the person I am, I started singing "it's gone daddy gone, the bug is gone, yeah it's gone daddy gone, the bug has flown away" but I did it really quietly because I didn't want anyone to hear me because how embarrassing would that have been??? But then I was kind of disappointed because it was really funny to me at the time (the violent femmes singing a song about a horsefly would be kind of funny would it not?) and no one else heard or appreciated what happened so now I'm sharing it here with the internet 

also, i decided to write an entire song about this situation here it is you're welcome

the bug is gone, lyrics by me:

really big bug, I am stressed
is it a horsefly? probably yes
really big bug, I am stressed
where it is now, I can only guess

cause it's gone daddy gone, the bug is gone
yeah, it's gone daddy gone, the bug is gone
yeah, it's gone daddy gone, the bug is gone
yeah, it's gone daddy gone, the bug has flown away

(this part is me @ the bug):
if I see you
I will kill you
if I see you
I am going to step on you

cause it's gone daddy gone, the bug is gone
yeah, it's gone daddy gone, the bug is gone
yeah, it's gone daddy gone, the bug is gone
yeah, it's gone daddy gone, the bug has flown away

really big bug, I am stressed
too many eyes, I'm a mess
horsefly bug, I am stressed
can horseflies bite? I can only guess

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

the funniest thing to happen to me pretty much ever

This happened over a month ago, but I have no written documentation of it, so here it is.

Mom and I were out running errands and were planning on watching a movie when we got home. We stopped at Steak 'n' Shake on the way home to get milkshakes. 
We pull up and Mom asks what I want, and I tell her a strawberry shake. She starts looking at the board in the drive-thru to see if there's a specific name for it that she needs to tell him (you know how some restaurants have weird names for their meals/entrees.) She sees the words "strawberry shake" on the board, but there are two words right above it in smaller print that she can't quite see (neither of us was wearing our glasses.) 
As we're trying to figure out what it says, the lady in the drive-thru pipes up and says to order when we're ready. Mom didn't wanna just idly sit there, so she panics and tries to say "Sorry, I can't read what's written above the strawberry shake. Is there something else in it besides strawberries?" But because she's panicking, the words that come out are, "I- I'm sorry, I can't read - ... what's in the strawberry shake?"
 I immediately started cracking up just because the way she said it was so funny to me for some reason. The lady in the drive thru goes "uh...well it's strawberries...oh you mean the very berry? It's just - the very berry has strawberry pieces in it, the regular strawberry shake doesn't." So Mom turns to me to ask which one I want, but I'm laughing too hard to answer. I look over and she's thoroughly confused as to why I'm freaking losing it because she isn't aware of what she said.
 She starts laughing at how hard I'm laughing, and then she turns back and orders the strawberry shake and orders the cookie dough shake for herself. The lady goes, "Oh, we don't have that anymore." Mom's laughter immediately stops and she goes " mean more cookie dough forever??" The drive-thru lady says no, they don't carry it anymore, and Mom just goes "oh...that's...that's HEARTBREAKING!" 
If my laughing wasn't obnoxious and absolutely insane sounding before, it must have sounded crazy after she said that. I mean, I. Was. Losing. It. (I still can't even talk about it without laughing. I can't even TYPE it without laughing.)
We pull up past the window and she asks me what the heck I'm laughing about, I can't even answer because at this point I'm not even laughing. I'm gasping for air. It was like a silent, clapping-like-a-seal-while-looking-absolutely-stupid laugh. When I was finally able to explain to her why I was dying, she laughed, but she wasn't even laughing at what she said. She was laughing st how hard I was laughing. 
A week later, I was telling a friend about this event and I was already in tears laughing when I got to my mom saying she couldn't read. My friend also cracked up, but again, he was only laughing at the fact that I was laughing so hard. Apparently, this story is not as funny to others as it is to me. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew. Yaaayyy.

Wow, has it really been almost a year? Dang. (I still can't drive, though. lol.)

As of now, we're prepping for our dear old friend Matthew to come by and visit us. We have plenty of water, flashlights, spare batteries, and...Pokeballs.
My mom and grandma have recently gotten really into Pokemon Go. So this morning, my grandparents drove around our area getting Pokeballs/Razz Berries/Eggs, etc etc etc, to last them through the storm, and they took Greyson and me with them. Interesting priorities there.

Because we will probably be without power for at least tonight and tomorrow (and possibly through the weekend/into Monday) I am attempting to get as much schoolwork done today as I possibly can. We didn't evacuate because our building is pretty safe and we don't think we'll sustain any damage, but basically all of Cocoa Beach/Merritt Island is deserted. A few of my friends' families elected to stay on the island because...yolo? One of them even decided to go surfing. Yes, surfing. During a category 4 hurricane. Granted, the worst of the wind and rain hasn't set in yet, but STILL.

Depending on when our power goes out (we're going to try to conserve power on our electronics) maybe I'll blog about our adventures in a dark, AC-less, plumbing-deficient (?) condo. Our grandparents may come over for a bit this weekend just to hang out and play board games, but they're in the same building as us, so they'll be safe at their place, too. TJ is on his way here right now, so it'll be like one big ole party here at the Goodwin residence. It sucks we won't have power because this would be a great opportunity to have a MarioKart/Guitar Hero/COD tournament or something.

Also, apparently one of the satellite images of Matthew is freaking people out because it looks like a skull.

It's like Curse of the Black Pearl all over again.

Soooo yeah.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wise words

Last night my little brother and I stayed up really late; I was watching him play Rainbow 6 Siege. I was kind of falling asleep and he started singing to himself (just nonsense stuff, not an actual song) and I started paying attention and caught the last four lines of his made up song:

"When life gives you lemons
You pucker your lips
Because they are sour
And that's all you can do."


Friday, November 20, 2015

New friends

So. I don't get out much.

But recently I went on vacation.

I've kept in touch with 'em. I miss 'em.

Anyway yeah. That's all.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

please read omg

I am seriously cringing at 95% of what is posted on my blog. What am I even thinking half the time? Ew. Disregard anything I wrote before now. Also, not really liking the Fishtons-themed background, ja feel? Might change it to something a little more...patriotic. :))))))) AND I might take the Fishtons down for a bit. Give them a break. Maybe add something new? Idk, what do you guys think? (not that anyone will actually tELL ME)

Recently I've been drawing a lot. I only draw ANIMATED video game/TV/movie characters, so if you have any requests that are NOT real-life, feel free to comment. You probably won't, though. Who even reads my blog? :)))))