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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew. Yaaayyy.

Wow, has it really been almost a year? Dang. (I still can't drive, though. lol.)

As of now, we're prepping for our dear old friend Matthew to come by and visit us. We have plenty of water, flashlights, spare batteries, and...Pokeballs.
My mom and grandma have recently gotten really into Pokemon Go. So this morning, my grandparents drove around our area getting Pokeballs/Razz Berries/Eggs, etc etc etc, to last them through the storm, and they took Greyson and me with them. Interesting priorities there.

Because we will probably be without power for at least tonight and tomorrow (and possibly through the weekend/into Monday) I am attempting to get as much schoolwork done today as I possibly can. We didn't evacuate because our building is pretty safe and we don't think we'll sustain any damage, but basically all of Cocoa Beach/Merritt Island is deserted. A few of my friends' families elected to stay on the island because...yolo? One of them even decided to go surfing. Yes, surfing. During a category 4 hurricane. Granted, the worst of the wind and rain hasn't set in yet, but STILL.

Depending on when our power goes out (we're going to try to conserve power on our electronics) maybe I'll blog about our adventures in a dark, AC-less, plumbing-deficient (?) condo. Our grandparents may come over for a bit this weekend just to hang out and play board games, but they're in the same building as us, so they'll be safe at their place, too. TJ is on his way here right now, so it'll be like one big ole party here at the Goodwin residence. It sucks we won't have power because this would be a great opportunity to have a MarioKart/Guitar Hero/COD tournament or something.

Also, apparently one of the satellite images of Matthew is freaking people out because it looks like a skull.

It's like Curse of the Black Pearl all over again.

Soooo yeah.

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