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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

the funniest thing to happen to me pretty much ever

This happened over a month ago, but I have no written documentation of it, so here it is.

Mom and I were out running errands and were planning on watching a movie when we got home. We stopped at Steak 'n' Shake on the way home to get milkshakes. 
We pull up and Mom asks what I want, and I tell her a strawberry shake. She starts looking at the board in the drive-thru to see if there's a specific name for it that she needs to tell him (you know how some restaurants have weird names for their meals/entrees.) She sees the words "strawberry shake" on the board, but there are two words right above it in smaller print that she can't quite see (neither of us was wearing our glasses.) 
As we're trying to figure out what it says, the lady in the drive-thru pipes up and says to order when we're ready. Mom didn't wanna just idly sit there, so she panics and tries to say "Sorry, I can't read what's written above the strawberry shake. Is there something else in it besides strawberries?" But because she's panicking, the words that come out are, "I- I'm sorry, I can't read - ... what's in the strawberry shake?"
 I immediately started cracking up just because the way she said it was so funny to me for some reason. The lady in the drive thru goes "uh...well it's strawberries...oh you mean the very berry? It's just - the very berry has strawberry pieces in it, the regular strawberry shake doesn't." So Mom turns to me to ask which one I want, but I'm laughing too hard to answer. I look over and she's thoroughly confused as to why I'm freaking losing it because she isn't aware of what she said.
 She starts laughing at how hard I'm laughing, and then she turns back and orders the strawberry shake and orders the cookie dough shake for herself. The lady goes, "Oh, we don't have that anymore." Mom's laughter immediately stops and she goes " mean more cookie dough forever??" The drive-thru lady says no, they don't carry it anymore, and Mom just goes "oh...that's...that's HEARTBREAKING!" 
If my laughing wasn't obnoxious and absolutely insane sounding before, it must have sounded crazy after she said that. I mean, I. Was. Losing. It. (I still can't even talk about it without laughing. I can't even TYPE it without laughing.)
We pull up past the window and she asks me what the heck I'm laughing about, I can't even answer because at this point I'm not even laughing. I'm gasping for air. It was like a silent, clapping-like-a-seal-while-looking-absolutely-stupid laugh. When I was finally able to explain to her why I was dying, she laughed, but she wasn't even laughing at what she said. She was laughing st how hard I was laughing. 
A week later, I was telling a friend about this event and I was already in tears laughing when I got to my mom saying she couldn't read. My friend also cracked up, but again, he was only laughing at the fact that I was laughing so hard. Apparently, this story is not as funny to others as it is to me. 

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  1. Still laughing...:-D It's hard to NOT laugh while reading about it!